Wirral Holistic Care Services is a registered charity and we are recognised as a Centre of Excellence in our field.

This dynamic and innovative nursing led charity was set up on the 1st of August 1988. Since then it has continually demonstrated its ability to effectively respond to the ever changing needs of those with cancer and their family members.

The charity was set up following a three year independent study from 1984-1987, which demonstrated that those with cancer were not receiving the care and support they needed to help them through their cancer journey. The outcome of the study was presented to the then Wirral Health Authority, who accepted the findings but no action was taken at that time.

More background information was collected and lobbying also continued. In addition, a conference was held to raise awareness of the problems and it was after this that action was taken and the charity was set up.

The charity was originally allocated one office in Clatterbridge General Hospital and within three months it moved to one room at St Catherine’s Hospital. However, within a short space of time additional rooms were made available and eighteen months later, the charity took over an old ward and paid to have it fully renovated.

By this time, a telephone helpline had been set up, a drop in facility was fully operational and support services were available. These included a range of supportive therapies which were proving beneficial to patients going through cancer treatment and had come about after asking patients whether they would find these types of therapies helpful.

The physical and psychological effects of the use of supportive therapies is now well recognised and they are now used as a crucial part of the delivery of care to those with cancer.

In 2005, the building at St Catherine’s hospital was due to be demolished and so the charity moved to its present premises in Ashburton Road and completely renovated the building to make it a welcoming and suitable place for cancer patients.

From day, one our underlying ethos has not changed, this being to meet the ever changing needs of those with cancer and to provide support and care delivered by a dedicated team of highly qualified nurses, therapists and volunteers.


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