Through positive care, we’ll help you to discover a better quality of life.

Based on the holistic approach of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, our unique range of services provide immense physical and psychological benefits for patients and perhaps most importantly, help them to take control of their lives once more.

One of our most fundamental principles is that every patient is different and that their physical and emotional condition, outlook on life and general fitness background must be evaluated in order to determine which is the most effective therapy for them.

We believe that this holistic approach is important in ‘understanding the person behind the illness’.

We discuss the merits of each treatment with our patients so that we can both reach a decision on the best way forward. This joint decision making is a vital first step as each patient starts to regain ‘empowerment’ once again in their life, enabling them look to the future with more confidence and strength.

Our view is that whilst we offer a nurse-led support service, more importantly, we are a patient-directed organisation.

We currently offer a wide range of supportive therapies, all of which are carried out by experienced practitioners. The majority are non-invasive, mainly requiring touch or the gentle manipulation of muscles, soft tissue areas and various points on the body.

Our aims are to:

    • Create a relaxed, welcoming and totally positive environment with a clear focus on the patient’s needs.
    • Empower patients with knowledge and confidence so they can choose a therapy they believe will help them deal with the nature of their illness.
  • Help patients overcome anxieties and fears relating to cancer through positive thinking and renewed confidence.



    • To greatly improve the quality of life of those diagnosed with cancer.
    • Provide expert guidance and comprehensive support in both a psychological and emotional capacity.
    • Understand the ‘person behind the illness’ and work in partnership so that they have greater control of their lives.
  • Offer professional support and free access to facilities for cancer carers to help make their life easier.